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Why Our Brackets


Tools List

If you have not already watched any of our videos, you can watch the video above to see how these brackets compare with others.

1. 60 Degree Angle Between Legs

This is one of the few brackets with a wide 60 degree angle between the legs. This is a big deal. This means the swing's legs won't want to lift when they're swinging, which means you won't have to dig holes and cement the legs into the ground like you do with other brackets. It also means you are free to move the set in the yard whenever you like, if only to avoid bare spots in the lawn.

2. Very Heavy Duty Thick Steel

You won't see the steel dimpling in when you drive your screws, like you will with the other brackets.

3. Fits Lumber Tighter

This design clamps tightly onto the beam from both sides, which means the beam can't wobble around inside the bracket enclosure like with other brackets.

4. Easy to Work With

With other brackets you might have to plane the beam lumber down in order to fit it into the bracket enclosure, but not with these brackets.

5. Fits Different Beam Sizes

These brackets fit a top beam that is 5 1/2" tall, but the width of the beam can be any thickness, which gives you some extra options for your swing set design. First, if you wish, you have the option to use a larger 6x6 beam instead of the more typical 4x6 beam, for a structure with even greater weight capacity. And second, nowadays 4x6 beams can be in shorter supply, but because these brackets work with any width beam they will work with a composite beam that you make out of three 2x6 boards that are screwed together. A composite beam is easy to make with 3" deck screws and in some cases can have advantages over traditional 4x6 beams. You can see my page on this website for making a beam like this.

6. Good Looking Brackets

They look good!

7. 24/7 Support via Professionals

Contact us via email for an answer from a professional swing set builder, usually within few hours.

8. Made in the U.S.A.

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